•  Tales of Symphonia
  • Colette: Our weapons are love!
  • Genis: Justice! And...
  • Kratos: Ugh... Hope.
  •  Tales of Vesperia
  • Estelle: Our weapons are love!
  • Yuri: Justice!
  • Raven: Sexualitayyyy!
  • Rita: Would you stop?
  •  Tales of the Abyss
  • Luke: Our weapons are status!
  • Jade: Scheming.
  • Anise: Playing dirty... <3
  • Guy: That's awful.


"Even now, to tell the truth, I get tired of all the problems. Sometimes I think it'd be easier if everyone and everything were just destroyed."

"It’s okay to tell you the truth I was gettin’ pretty tired of living’ anyway."

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modern au where zelos and colette are bff roommates

zelos whinges about school or work or something. colette has heard it all before

(might clean this up later for the art blog but i’ll post it here for the time being haha)